YFZ 527R/X Ice Cube Big Bore/Stroker

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Quick Overview

YFZ 527R/X Ice Cube Specifications:
Fits 2009-Current YFZ 450 R/X


Product Description

Bore: Yes

Stroke: Yes

Actual Displacement = 527.29cc


Engine Modifications Included:

Cylinder: Billet Aluminum Cylinder and long skirt forged aluminum sleeve plated with ceramic bore coating.

Copper fire ring installed around combustion chamber.

Necessary Gaskets

Your crankshaft stroked and balanced with a Carrillo Rod and larger bottom bearing.

Fuel Required: 91 – 110 octane – Options Available

Piston/Crankshaft: CP Piston, OEM Crank Stroked and balanced

This is the price to modify your crank shaft.  If you want new crankshaft 1/2’s we can provide them. Call us for current prices

Head: No modification required


Notes: This is a 99mm Billet Aluminum cylinder that has a forged aluminum sleeve installed it is coated with nickle ceramic . It also comes with an OEM Max Power stroked and balanced crankshaft with a Carrillo installed. At 4mm over OEM bored cylinders have about a 20% failure rate, they last about 10 seconds with a stroker crank. That is why we designed the Ice Cube cylinder.

The Ice Cube Cylinder is the only aftermarket cylinder available that was designed for big bore applications right from the start.

Most of the cast big bore cylinders that are out there were originally designed as stock replacement cylinders. Once the big bore movement really took off around 2005 companies decided to machine and plate them oversize to sell to the budget big bore market. Most of these cylinders have less than 1/2 of the coolant capacity of the Ice Cube. (We know because we checked them). They also have skirts that fold like a house of cards when you put stroke to them.

Water jacket capacity is not where the Ice Cube advantages stop. The Ice Cube is made from 2 extremely dense forms of aeorspace grade aluminum, billet and forged. Dense forged aluminum (the same grade as piston forgings) provides the higest level of strength and transfers heat faster than steel or even cast aluminum. These strength and heat transfer properties makes it ideal for this application where space is limited and stress is increased. The Ice Cube is also the only cylinder that has extended cylinder skirts that provide piston support at BDC (bottom dead center) for stroker cranks. Every other cylinder out there allows the piston to drop out of the bore at BDC. This advantage of the Ice Cube increases piston life dramatically in stroker applications.

This kit is a good choice for the customer who is looking for a large displacement YFZ with the best value out there. The addition of this kit not only will raise the value of your machine but it will set you apart from the crowd as an owner that is not willing to compromise on performance. The Ice Cube Cylinder means quality and value backed by Max Power support.

The Ice Cube is coated with Max Power’s Ceramic Nickel Bore coating. It is the best plating available and Max Power’s plating craftsmanship far surpasses the quality of anything else out there. (Just ask builders like Pro Circuit, Duncan Racing, ATP, Rossier Engineering, CT Racing or any of the factory teams- We plate cylinders for all of them.)

We offer this as a kit with a CP piston kit only.


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