CR98 Big Bore

Honda CR85

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Special Price: $499


Quick Overview

98cc Big bore kit for 1986-2007 CR80 and CR85


Product Description


Cylinder Modifications: Bore, Port, and Plate.

Head modifications: Head machined to 100 octane unless otherwise specified.

Custom Wiseco Piston, Gaskets, and top end bearing.

Notes: This kit requires you to send us your cylinder and head for modification.

Notes: This kit can be later stroked to 105cc with head mods.

The 51mm bore CR98  is an excellent supermini bore-only engine, they run hard.

51mm is the best option for the CR85 engine because it does not have the head gasket problems or intake wear issues associated with the more common 52mm bore 103’s that everybody else is selling.

This is another one of our kits where our research proves that just because you can go bigger does not mean that you should.

More power, more piston life, no head gasket issues, and a good price.  You can’t go wrong with this one.





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  1. Rusty Mittwede says:

    Wow for the price plus tons of power the 98cc all the way plus v-forse reeds, ur kid will b kissing the trophy girl,

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