YZ92 Big Bore

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Quick Overview

YZ92 Big Bore Specifications:
Fits 2001-Current YZ80 and YZ85


Product Description

Actual Displacement = 91.99cc

Engine Modifications Included:

Cylinder: Bore, Port, and Plate.

Head: Re-chamber to work with the Big Bore piston. 100 octane suggested for most conditions.

Parts:  Wiseco Piston kit, top end bearing, top end gaskets.

Notes: This kit requires you to send us your cylinder and head for modification

So you seized your YZ85 and tore up the exhaust port or you blew a bottom end bearing and gouged the bore above the transfer ports.  You got a couple options.

1) Chuck down $600+ for a bare cylinder from Yamaha.

2) Chuck down $300 to weld repair  and re-plate your cylinder back to stock.  Then add a top end kit for another $140 and that puts you at $440  and you still have not fixed the damage to the head.

3) Get a Max Power YZ92 big bore kit.

No contest if you ask me.




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