YFZ 478/488 Stealth Big Bore

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Quick Overview

YFZ 478/488 STEALTH Specifications:
Fits 2004-2008 YFZ450 and 2009 YFZ450R


Choose Option:

We modify your cylinder

Exchange cylinder : $ 75.00

“Bolt on” – Includes cylinder: $ 300.00

Installed and Blueprinted: $ 300.00


Product Description

Bore: Yes

Stroke: No

Actual Displacement = 478.22cc(04-05) / 488.03cc(06-08)


Engine Modifications Included:

Cylinder: OEM Cylinder with forged aluminum sleeve plated with Ceramic Nickel Bore coating

Fuel Required: 91 – 110 octane – Options Available

Piston: CP Piston Max Power Extreme Coated

Head: No modification required

Crankcase: No modification required

Notes: This is a 99mm OEM cylinder that has a forged aluminum sleeve installed it is coated with Ceramic Nickel Bore. At 4mm over OEM bored cylinders have about a 20% failure rate. That is why we take the OEM cylinder and install a forged aluminum sleeve in it. The sleeve is the same material as what the pistons are made from so expansion rates are similar and the durability is exceptionally high. The water jackets are slightly smaller than stock but not significant enough to change the operating tempature of our test engines.

This kit is a good choice when you want to bump the performance of the engine but need to stay looking stock. There are no identifing marks what so ever on the outside of this cylinder that will identify it as what it truly is. It is compatable with most stroker cranks that require a stock height cylinder. Call if you have questions.

Max Power’s Ceramic Nickel Bore coating is the best available and Max Power’s plating craftsmanship far surpasses the quality of anything else out there. (Just ask builders like Pro Circuit, Duncan Racing, ATP, Rossier Engineering, CT Racing or any of the factory teams- We plate cylinders for all of them.)

We offer this as a kit with a CP piston kit in various compression ratios. If you are looking to use your own piston we also can make this cylinder in other bore sizes for the same amount. Just call or e-mail us with your requirements.



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