YFZ 468/478 Stealth Big Bore – Max Power Built

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Quick Overview

YFZ 468/478 STEALTH Specifications: Fits 2004-2008 YFZ450


Product Description

Bore: Yes

Stroke: No

Actual Displacement = 478.23cc


Choose Option:

We modify your cylinder

Exchange cylinder : $ 50.00

“Bolt on” – Includes cylinder: $ 125.00

Installed and Blueprinted: $ 300.00



Cylinder bore and re-plate with Ceramic Nickel Bore

CP or Wiseco Piston kit – Your Choice

Necessary Gaskets


Notes: This is a 98mm bored and Ceramic Nickel Bore plated OEM Yamaha cylinder.

At 3mm over it is starting to push the stock casting to the edge, however it remains quite reliable and we only really see issues when customers try to run stroker crankshafts with them. In other words, with a stock stroke they work well, add stroke and you will have problems.

It is a good choice where you need to rebuild the engine, want to bump the power, have limited funds, and do not want to add stroke later down the road.

Max Power’s Ceramic Nickel Bore coating is the best available and Max Power’s plating craftsmanship far surpasses the quality of anything else out there. (Just ask builders like Pro Circuit, Duncan Racing, ATP, Rossier Engineering, CT Racing or any of the factory teams- We plate cylinders for all of them).

This is the largest bore on an OEM cylinder (without a thicker sleeve) that you should use.

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  1. yfz 478 rider says:

    yfz 478 rider

    Built my 06 yfz with this kit….including stroker kit, hotcams, valve mods, and race carb w full big gun exhaust it turned my peppy stocker into a track burning monster!!!!! This upgrade is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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