Yamaha YZ262F Big bore kit 2014-Current


Please call to order 608-842-0680

 $549 Fits 2014 – Current YZ250F



Your OEM cylinder bored and re-plated to 79 mm

Necessary Gaskets

Custom 13:1 CP piston kit with DLC coated wrist pin



Actual Displacement = 262 cc

Compression Ratio:  13:1 (91-100 octane recommended)

Crankcase/Head: No modification required


This kit requires you to send us your OEM cylinder for modification.  An OEM cylinder can be purchased for an additional cost.  Call for pricing.


This is the kit we recommend for 250F pilots that love the rev and feel of the stock engine but want more.  Reliability is as good as stock and bang for the buck you can’t beat it.

It is a great option if you want a substantial horsepower and torque gain without sacrificing the feel of the YZ250F rev.  It also works well with the stock fuel map and actually makes better power with the OEM pipe than the GYTR one we tested.

The bottom line is for $549 you can slap it on with literally no other mods and make 2-5 more horse across the entire RPM range.

Click here to see a dyno chart (PDF).   YZF 2014 250,262,276


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