TRX540R Ice Cube Big Bore Cylinder for 2004-05 Honda TRX450R

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Quick Overview

TRX540R ICE CUBE Specifications:
Fits 2004-2005 TRX450R 

Product Description

Bore: Yes (103mm) Stroke: No

Actual Displacement = 539.93cc

Engine Modifications Included:

Cylinder: 2 Options same price

Billet aluminum cylinder – Forged Aluminum liner with Ceramic Nickel Bore coating.

Billet Aluminum cylinder – Ductile Iron Liner precision honed.

Piston: CP Piston – 14.5:1 compression with DLC coated wrist pin.  Same weight as an OEM piston.

Gaskets:  Cometic head, base, and tensioner gaskets.

Head: No modification required

Crankcase: Must be machined to clear skirts.  We can do this for $150 on your bare and cleaned cases.


This kit was designed for big displacement and constant high RPM applications without crazy piston speed that can rob horsepower.

This big of a bore requires a significant amount of head work to get it to pull out above 8000 rpm.   We do not recommend this kit be used without the proper head work or it will run like a tractor.

This kit is made for the experienced engine builder.  The rings must be gapped and the different timing edge on the piston requires that the  squish clearance, and piston to valve clearance be set up.   We do not tell you how to do this.

The billet cylinder has been re-designed to provide extra side wall support as well as additional material thickness provided in the thrust areas.

Each cylinder is cut with a copper fire ring that helps seal in the additional compression as well as helps to seat the liner firmly in the cylinder bore.

We can sell you the cylinder and gaskets by themselves for $820.

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