RM112 Big Bore/Stroker

Motorcycles Suzuki RM105

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Quick Overview

RM112 Supermini Specifications: Fits 2002-Current RM85

Send us your engine and get a RM105cc stroker kit installed.


Product Description

Bore: Yes

Stroke: Yes

Actual Displacement = 111.27cc

Engine Modifications Required:

Cylinder: Bore, Port and Replate with Ceramic Nickel bore coating.

Power Valves: Modify for larger bore

Head: Rechamber to work with the stroker crank and big bore piston. 100 octane suggested for most conditions.

Crankshaft: Stroked and balanced with long rod installed.

Crankcase: Modification necessary to clear piston and crankshaft.

Blueprint: Calculate deck height, squish clearance, trapped volume, port timing and compression ratio and list on your perminant Spec-Sheet.

Notes: This is a National Level engine package. It was designed to deliver broad useable power that helps all riders go faster. It rips from a torque laiden bottom end, to a solid mid, and continues to scream to a nice overrev. It is almost too good to be true. Max Power consistently has customers with this package in the top 10 at Loretta’s every year.

Primary developement on this package was done from 2000-2002 by Rick Peterson. With the help of factory Suzuki techs, current AMA pros, and the support of American Suzuki it was tested over and over and refined to excellence. It has been revised with time but the same bore/stroke and engine theory is applied to current models.

In back to back comparisons with other supermini’s out there, riders will choose the Max Power RM112 because it has much more torque, pulls all the way through, and provides great traction out of the corners. This allows the rider to choose inside lines over railing the outside of berms to clear big jumps. More line choice means quicker lap times.

Another big advantage of the RM112’s power delivery is the avoidance of the “big hit” normally associated with supermini’s. The competition’s claimed 30+ horse power does you no good if your rider can’t get it to the ground. Tire spin and falling off the pipe are not nearly as common with the Max Power RM105 as other engines we have tested it against. 25-29 peak horse power can be expected with a Max Power RM112 (depending on conditions and year). Power delivery will be predictable and FUN! This will build confidence in your rider and mean better results on the track.

Notes: This kit requires you to send us your entire engine for modification, with kickstarter and shifter.

Notes: Prices listed are to install stroker kit parts in good condition engine. Should your engine need rebuild parts there will be additional charges. We will call for approval before we install any parts that will have additional charges. (example: mains, main seals, trans parts)



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