RM104 Big Bore

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Quick Overview

We modify your 2002-Current Suzuki RM85 top end into a 104cc supermini.


Product Description

The 53mm bore by itself is what most internet companies or builders will sell you. The piston is a shelf stock Wiseco so with a bore, replate, head and valve mod you get a 104cc supermini right?  Not so much.

The price may look good for those kits but just punching out a RM85 to 53mm on the Suzuki is just too big for optimum performance.  However, with some modifications to the porting, deck heights, and cylinder head this is a fine kit that works well for most racers on a budget. It is not on the same level of performance as our 105/112cc strokers but the price tag is not as high either.

This kit like all RM85 kits requires the cases to be modified to clear the piston skirts at BDC.


Strip, bore, and re-plate.

Cylinder Porting.

Head modifications for octane and elevation.

Power valve modifications.

Wiseco Piston Kit.

Top end bearing.

Necessary gaskets.


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