RM100 Big Bore

Motorcycles Suzuki RM105

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Special Price: $549


Quick Overview

RM100 Big Bore Specifications:
Fits 2002-Current RM85 and RM100

Product Description

Actual Displacement = 99.39cc

Engine Modifications Included:

Cylinder: Bore, Port and Plate.

Power Valves:  Precision machined to clear piston

Head: Re-chamber to work with the Big Bore piston. 100 octane suggested for most conditions.

Includes: Wiseco RM100 top end kit (Piston, bearing, gaskets)

Notes:  Crankcase mods required to clear piston.

Notes: This kit requires you to send us your cylinder, head, and power valves for modification.


So here is the low down on the RM100 big bore kit.

1) It rips

2) It seems like it runs forever before it needs a piston.

Not kidding, it is one of the best kits we offer for any bore-only supermini.

We use a shelf stock Wiseco big bore piston in this kit.  Why? Because it works and was not too far off from our old custom we used to build these kits with.

Good news is that you can get a piston kit anywhere for it.   However if you are cool and call us for them we normally keep a few in stock and we sell them to you for dealer cost.

So now I guess you wonder what we do to these that makes them run harder than the ones sold on e-bay or that Bob at the machine shop down the street will make for you?  Seriously, there is no shortage of people selling this kit.  But I’m here to tell you that the devil is in the details.

We precision machine the power valves to the exact size we found to work the best.  (No bench grinder valve mods here!)    We pay very particular attention to the port shapes, sizes, and chamfers as well as the cylinder head shape and tolerances.   Most people underestimate the importance of a properly machined cylinder head.

We build a lot of these and they work awesome.  We’d like to build your RM100 but we can always fix it later if you decide to go another route.

Thanks for looking.



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