KX70 RM70 National Big Bore

Motorccycles Susuzki KX76

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Price : $499


KX/RM 70 Big Bore Specifications:

Fits 2000 to Current KX/RM 65


Product Description

Bore: 46.5   Stroke: 41.6   Actual Displacement = 70.65 cc

Engine Modifications Included:

Cylinder:  Bore, Port and Plate.

Head: Re-chamber to work with the big bore piston.

Parts:  Wiseco piston kit, top end bearing, and necessary gaskets.

Notes: This kit requires you to send us you top end for modification.

This is a great kit that we mostly sell to the KX65 ATV national classes.   The KX70 big bore increases the power across the board so it is not just all top end.  It has a much stronger bottom and mid for grabbing holeshots and provides something if the rider falls off the pipe or misses a shift.

The KX70 uses a shelf stock Wiseco piston kit so they are readily available anywhere.   However if you buy the Wiseco kits from us we keep them in stock and sell them to you for dealer cost.

This kit is not really slower than the stroker engine we offer it just delivers the power differently.  It is more entry rider friendly and a good choice for kids that are fast but just new to the shifter classes.

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