KX277F Stealth Big Bore/Stroker

Motorcycle Kawasaki RMZ 276


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Quick Overview

KX277F STEALTH Specifications:
Fits 2004 – Current KX250F


Choose option:

Exchange cylinder and crankshaft


Product Description

Actual Displacement = 277.44cc

Engine Modifications Included:

Cylinder: OEM cylinder bored and plated with Ceramic Nickel Bore

Fuel Required: 100 octane (14:1)

Piston: CP Piston

Crankshaft: Stroked, balanced, and lightened.

Crankcase/Head: No modification required

Requires you to send us your cylinder and crankshaft for modification.

Includes new rod pin and bearing on crankshaft. Add $100 for a Carrillo rod.


One Comment

  1. kawi rider says:

    This is the most awesome mod motor ever. It starts easier than stock, it pulls hard and forever on the top. I have had no issues and will do it to my next 250f. Many mods you lose either on the top or the bottom, this thing rips everywhere!!!!

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