KTM 65 – 71cc big bore kit

Big Bore Kit

Please call to order 608-842-0680

Special Price: $499


Max Power KTM 71cc Big bore kit Fits 1999-Current KTM65



Your OEM cylinder bored, ported, and plated to 47 mm.

Power valve modifications to clear big bore piston and match porting.

Cylinder head modifications to your octane requirements.

Wiseco piston kit, top bearing, and top end gaskets.


Product Description

This kit requires you to send your cylinder, head and power valve for modifications.

The KTM 71 cc big bore kit is a rocket.  Reliability is not measurably different than a stock engine.

If you do not want to do a big bore we can port your cylinder, perform a head modification for race fuel, and mod the power valve for $250.


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