Kit Pricing Structure

What our pricing all really boils down to is convenience. If you want something right away or want to have the new parts in your hands before you tear down your engine it will cost more. This is simply because it costs us more to keep parts on hand for some of these options. For people that can plan ahead it really pays off.

We modify your parts – What this means is that in order to get this price you will need to send us your engine parts and we will modify them and return to you. This is always the cheapest way to go. The turn times are usually very reasonable, just call or e-mail us.

Exchange – What this means is that we will modify the necessary parts and send them to you. You will be billed for “core” parts up-front along with the price of the kit. Once we send the kit to you, you will have one month to return the core parts for a refund of the price paid less the exchange fee. Of course the returned parts must be acceptable for rebuild and re-sale or credit will not be given. The total up-front price for this option is the same as the bolt on kit.

Bolt On Kit – What this means is that when you buy this kit it includes the main “core” parts. (Usually a cylinder and/or crankshaft) There is no parts included that need to be returned to us. You basically are buying the entire kit outright. Sometimes this is the only option we offer. This is because the core parts are either aftermarket, or the cores for that model wear easily and usually are unacceptable for resale when they are returned. Prices can vary a little bit on this option because the OEM’s change core pricing all the time and it is hard to keep it current.

Installed and Blueprinted – What this means is that you send us your engine and we will install the kit for you. Blueprinting is short for documenting every measurement and optimizing the set up for your application and request. We write everything down on a specification sheet and keep it with our copy of your invoice. You will not get a copy of the specification sheet because it includes proprietary information we cannot release to the public. However if you have specific questions about the build we will gladly provide it as long as it is not proprietary. For turnaround time on an engine build call or e-mail us.

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