Hot Cams / Web Cams

Hot Cams / Web Cams


Max Power offers camshafts from the following companies.

Camshaft application varies greatly with each engine build, we will make suggestions to provide you the best performance for your application.

hotcams motorcycles

We use Web Camshaft grinds to achieve power gains not possible with the options from the more commonly available Hot Cams. Since they provide a much larger performance increase it stands to reason that they are also a more aggressive camshaft profile.

Most of the Web Camshafts we recommend require a spring kit or other head modifications to work properly. When the positives and negatives are discussed with our customers about 75% of them choose to go with a Web Cam.

Prices do vary but usually a single overhead cam will run about $360 with no core.   A set of dual overheard hardweld re-grind cams will run about $575 when an acceptable core is returned.


  • High-performance camshotcams motorcycles
  • No core required; keep your old camshaft
  • Designed for use with stock valve springs and rockers in most applications