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Mail Order Instructions
2/4 Stroke Cylinder Repair
Engine Repair / Kit Installation
Warranty Statement
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Mail Order Instructions

This is the procedure for packaging and shipping your engine parts for mail-order service:

Find a strong cardboard box. Select a box that allows 4 inches of space around the engine part.

When sending in your cylinder for an overbore kit, please leave the head and power valve assembly intact, that way there are no lost parts or moveable parts that can damage your cylinder in shipping.

For cylinder plating repair ONLY, please remove all spare parts. Send your power valves in a separate bag so we can check for plating flashing in the power valve ports. Make sure they are well labeled or attached to the cylinder.

The best packing material is ‘bubble wrap’. Take care to pack around the fragile parts of engine parts like the bottom skirt of the cylinder, the head’s water fittings, or the crankshaft’s threaded ends.

Enclose ORDER FORM. Print a Service/Repair or Big Bore Kit order form from your browser.

Regarding payment, you can pre-pay with a personal check. You can also have your parts returned shipped by UPS COD Money Order OK, or by Visa/Master Card.

It’s best to send your parts by UPS. Remember to insure the parts for at least $500 (about $4) and get the UPS tracking number. If there is any problem, We can track your package through UPS’s Internet site.

Send engine parts to: Max Power Inc. 7841 Morrison ST. Morrisonville 53571

2/4 Stroke Cylinder Repair


This service covers the cylinder plating repair of single bores from 39 to 106mm. We also check the flatness of the gasket surfaces, and we have the capability to turn the cylinder on a lathe in order to clean up deep gouges. This is a basic service so please remove the exhaust valves. Costs start at $190.



WELD REPAIRS – We can weld repair damage like detonation on the top edge of the cylinder, broken bridges and ports, narrow-down over-ported exhaust ports, repair cracked o-ring grooves, and worn out exhaust pipe flanges. Welding charges start at $75.

EXCESSIVE WELDING REPAIRS – If a cylinder has excessive damage a higher welding charge may occur. Max Power will contact you before any extra charges occur.

TWO-STROKE CYLINDER HEAD MODS – We can modify cylinder heads for high altitude, fuel type, or any conceivable configuration. Prices start at $125.

BIG BORE KITS – Specializing in off-road kits, all inclusive with over boring, porting, cylinder plating, head mods, exhaust valve mods, Wiseco Pro-Lite piston kit and Cometic gasket kit. The complete top end is assembled and ready for installation.

How to send your engine parts for service

Engine Repair / Kit Installation


Max Power is now offering Performance engine rebuilding services. Max Power has a dedicated, experienced staff that you can TRUST with your motor work. There are many places you can get your motor rebuilt, but Max Power is the facility that specializes in off-road performance. For many years Max Power has provided the best big bore kits and cylinder repair  in the industry and is pleased to offer the same quality and professionalism with our Engine Rebuilding service.

These services are for late model dirt bikes, ATV’s and shifter karts. (All prices are for engine out of chassis)

Two Stroke Rebuilds: $300.00 Plus parts
Four Stroke Rebuilds: $500.00 Plus parts
Four Stroke Valve Adjustments: $125.00

Big Bore kit Installation

If you are purchasing a big bore kit and would like Max Power technicians to install the kit for you, please send your whole motor in with the order form and Max Power will install, and confirm all clearances for you. Please send kick starter and shifter with your engines!!!

Two stoke big bore kit installation and blueprint: $200.00
Four stroke big bore kit installation and blueprint: $300.00 (valve adjustment included)

4-Stroke Stroker Kit Installation = $500 Includes case mods as necessary.


To order this service CALL US (608)842-0680 or E-mail


Warranty Statement


We offer no expressed or implied warranty on the life of your engine. Remember, this is a racing machine!

Off road engines are much more highly stressed than the engine on your personal vehicle.

You must take care and maintain your engine. You own it.

Every cylinder that we replate undergoes a 30 point checklist before shipping.

Every engine undergoes a 73 point checklist. They do not leave here with defects.

Even with perfect maintenance and reasonable use, at some point, every off-road engine breaks. After it’s repaired, it is only a matter of time and/or circumstances before it breaks again.

When your engine breaks, we will give unlimited free advice, but we will charge you for all repairs. We love racing, and our customers, but we cannot work for free. Our only source of income is modifying and repairing off road engines. Please respect this, and please respect your equipment.
Price List

Reconditioning and Performance Services


The normal processing time on engine work varies with the season. You’re encouraged to call for an appointment if you have an urgent rush. We try to accommodate our customers and we offer 1-Day UPS service. Prices do not include shipping. We do not accept responsibility for worn or damaged locator pins.


Our cylinder re-plating service involves the chemical stripping of the old worn out plating. The Bore is then re-coated with a Nickel Ceramic coating followed by diamond honing, port chamfer, and gasket surfacing. Rush order turnaround available. CALL FIRST!
Strip, Plate and Diamond Hone 4-stroke $190 Check out our top end exchange program!
Strip, Plate and Diamond Hone 2-stroke $225
Welding Repairs (Anything you can catch a fingernail on) $75 additional (May be more with severe damage)


All cylinders with the exception of complete overbore kits, MUST have all parts and gaskets removed.  An additional charge will be assessed if Max Power needs to remove parts or gaskets.
Stud removal $2 per stud
Power valve removal and installation (Includes Studs) $75.00
Power valve removal only $25.00
Dowel pin removal $5.00 –not responsible for replacing damaged dowels.
Broken stud/bolt removal $50.00 per stud/bolt
Gasket removal $15.00 per cylinder
Please be courteous and take a moment to clean the cylinder of excess oil and dirt.  If deemed excessively dirty an additional charge of $20.00 will be assessed.


Max Power carries Wiseco pro-lite piston kits for all makes and models.  Most piston kits include the piston, ring, clips and pin.  We also have a full inventory of top end gasket kits for your make and model.  Please call for price and availability.


For detailed information on Big Bore Kit prices please see our big bore kit store pages


Max Power carries one of the largest inventories of special big bore pistons. Please call for availabilities and price.


Porting with Cylinder Repair only $125.00
Cylinder head Mod $125.00
RUSH ORDER or Exchange – per cylinder FREE up to $150 (dependent on model and demand) CALL FIRST!
Diamond hone plated bores $50.00
Heli-coil stud holes $85.00
Deck base or head gasket surface $50.00
Bore / Hone steel sleeve $125.00
Overbore Aluminum – Re-plating additional $75.00
Welding Repairs – Detonation Damage $110.00 Includes bore weld