DRZ,LTZ,KFX,DVX 455 Stealth Big Bore

Motorcycles Suzuki DRZ455

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DRZ,LTZ,KFX,DVX 455 Stealth Big Bore Fits 2000 – Current Suzuki LT-Z400, DR-Z400, Kawasaki KFX400 and Arctic Cat DVX400


Product Description

Bore: Yes

Stroke: No

Actual Displacement = 453.11cc


Cylinder: Modified OEM with Nickle Ceramic bore coating

Copper fire ring installed around combustion chamber

Compression: 12.5:1 – 13.5:1

Piston: CP Piston Kit

Necessary Gaskets

Head: No modification required

Crankcase: No modification required

Price requires you to send us your OEM cylinder for modification. You can purchase an OEM core cylinder from us when available.

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