Motorcycle Honda CRF 498 ice cube

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CRF498R ICE CUBE Specifications:
Fits 2002-2008 CRF450R only


“The CRF498 engine kit is a bargain. If you are the kind of guy who

likes to start with the most horsepower, this is the bike for you.”

– Motocross Action Magazine, May 2005


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Choose Option:

“Bolt on” – Includes Cylinder

Installed and Blueprinted: $300.00


Product Description

Bore: Yes

Stroke: No

Actual Displacement = 497.54cc

Engine Modifications Included:

Cylinder: Billet Aluminum cylinder plated with Ceramic Nickel Bore coating

Fuel Required: 91 octane

Piston: Wiseco Piston 12.5:1

Crankshaft: Stock

Crankcase/Head: No modification required



One Comment

  1. Grumpy18 says:

    I have been running the 498 kit on my 02 Honda 450 for around 5yrs, its been awesome! I mainly ice race it but a few times a year hit the tight trails. The 498 make gobs of mid-range torque and on mine big top end power. When people notice the billet cylinder it creates alot of talk in the pits! Extremely happy with this product, just picked up another bike and going to try the 523 kit this time. Thank you Max Rpms for a great product!

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