CRF302R/X Ice Cube Big Bore/Stroker

Motorcycle Honda CRF302

Honda RSF276 Cylinders

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Special Price: $1,695.00


Quick Overview

CRF302R/X ICE CUBE Specifications: Fits 2004 – 2009 CRF250R/X


Product Description

Bore: 82   Stroke: 57   Actual Displacement = 301.02cc


Tall Ice Cube Cylinder

CP Piston kit

Stroked and balanced long rod crankshaft

Longer head bolts and washers

Longer cam chain

Longer front chain guide

Necessary gaskets

General case mod diagrams.


Notes: Case Mods Required

Notes: Upper head stays must be slotted to fit taller cylinder.

Notes: This price requires you to send us your core crankshaft.

Notes: Send us your clean and bare cases and we will modify them for $75.

Notes: This kit can be upgraded to a Custom Carrillo rod for an additional $150.


Notes: This was and still is the best kit available for the CRF250R or X; heck it might be the best kit we offer for any model. It is no secret that the competition has caught up and there are now other products out there that increase the bore and the stroke. You are probably shopping around right now. However nothing out there holds a candle to the CRF302. We know because we bought them, likely sell them and for sure have tested them. Yes, the 302 is more money, and it does not look stock but the justification is how well this engine runs and how long it lasts. Not to be under stated is it’s ability to put an ear to ear grin on your face every time you ride it.(even if you don’t do so well in the race)

The power and the delivery of the CRF302 is way addictive, deliberate, predictable and fun. It is as if the bike just is happy to be there with you on it’s back zippin along. What could be better than riding a 250F that does not get you tired but still has enough nuts to keep you with 450’s on the straights? Try getting even close to that kind of power, rideability, and durability with a mod 250F. Not gonna happen, ever. Mod 250F’s that lay down 38-40 HP to the wheel are peaky and hard to ride. They also cost the same amount as a 302, have 1/2 the torque, and to be honest, like to blow up.

The CRF302 design has been put through the paces; we tested it hard and heavy in 2004 and 2005 during development. To give you an idea, this was hands down the most expensive kit we have ever designed initial testing and R+D costs ran over 50K and are more like 75K today. Yes it was expensive and a bit insane for a company the size of ours, however by doing so we firmly planted our foot in the 4-Stroke market and let people know that this is the best thing available and we are the best guys for the job. Now we have customers world wide that rave about it. From jungle racers in South America (where mechanical failures require a helicopter to lift you out) to Australian tour guides that have logged over 200 hours on one piston. They all agree that durability is a non-factor and they can’t say enough about the extra power, torque and the light Honda chassis. If you have a CRF250 or any machine for that matter, love to ride, and are in the market for a big bore / stroker don’t be shy, e-mail us or give us a call and let’s see what we can do to help get you on one. Also, if you want something more than 302cc or have a specific displacement you need to be under we can do that as well. Just e-mail us.



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  1. Peter Schardt says:

    Just wanted to let you know I owned one of the First Cylinders made for the 2004 Honda CRF250x, or lets say the first one that was installed. There was an issue withy the clearence of the starter as I had to send RPM the complete motor as they had to shave the outer cylinder wall to clear starter. Just so you know I still own the bike did a little racing early in the years and then trail ridden for the last 10 years. Runs great! still have the second piston and top end gasket set ( i think YZ80). I have to say I only bought the 276cc top end but wished I spent the money to make it a 302. I am 6″1″ and 200lbs and never had a problem with power.
    Great product!

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