CRF265cc Stealth Big Bore


Motorcycle Honda CRF250 Chart

Motorcycle Honda CRF265 CC

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Quick Overview

CRF265cc Stealth Big Bore Kit: Fits: 2010


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We modify your cylinder


Product Description

Bore: Yes Stroke: No Actual Displacement

Engine Modifications Included:

Cylinder: OEM Cylinder bored and re-plated with Ceramic Nickel Bore

Fuel Required: 91 octane – Options Available

Piston: Wiseco Piston 12.6:1

Gaskets: Top end gaskets included.

Crankcase/Head: No modification required

This kit will run with the stock fuel mapping very well. However, it is recommended for peak performance improvement that you install an aftermarket fuel controller like the Dyno Jet Power Commander 5 or adjust it with the HRC fuel management software.

Notes: Price is to modify or exchange for your good core cylinder.


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