Carrillo Rod Upgrade for Hot Rods +3 Honda TRX / CRF 450 Stroker Crankshafts

Max Power Carrllo Rod Upgrade for 2006-Current TRX450ER and 2002-2008 CRF450R/X  

Parts Only: $574 

Installed / Trued / Welded: $649 

New Upgraded +3 crankshaft: $999

Carrillo Rods is our number one choice for any crankshaft upgrade.  In most cases we build our stroker crankshafts and stock stroke upgrade cranks exclusively with Carrillo rods.  So when our friend Rich came to us with a few problems he was having using a Hot Rods +3 stroker crank in his 2007 Honda TRX450ER we decided to come up with a solution for him.

Rich’s #1 issue was the rod was too short.  This caused the piston to sit too far away from the head, effectively lowering the compression of his engine about 1.2 compression points and dramatically reducing the overall combustion efficiency of the engine.

Rich’s #2 issue was that when the engine setup was modified to compensate for the shorter rod the bearing was over stressed and failed fairly quickly, thus destroying the assembly.  Since no replacement rod is sold by either Hot Rods or Honda the bearing failure essentially makes the crank a $400 paper weight.

Our solution to his #1 issue was to source a Carrillo rod that is exactly the right length for a +3 stroked crankshaft.  This eliminates the need to deck the cylinder and degree the camshaft to get the proper piston-to-head clearance.  Ultimately it keeps the compression up and the combustion efficiency where it needs to be to run properly.

Our solution to his #2 issue was to have the Carrillo rod made so that it uses an Japanese built, OEM quality crank bearing that is 10% beefier than the unit the crankshaft comes with.  We also include a Japanese built OEM quality crank pin and washers.  The additional bearing size spreads the load from the increased displacement over a wider area on a higher quality replacement pin, thus increasing reliability and life expectancy.

The end result is a replacement rod kit that makes a good product a great one and saves you from having to scrap your +3 stroker crankshaft if you have had one fail.





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